Tax litigation requires specialized understanding of tax laws in Canada, including: the Income Tax Act, the Excise Tax Act (HST/GST), the Excise Act and individual provincial tax legislation, including Indigenous and international tax law issues.

Simmonds Law provides professional litigation and advice for individuals, businesses and organizations who require help navigating the confusing landscape of Canadian tax law.

Taxes need not be a burden to you. If you find yourself or your organization accused of being in contravention of a tax law or regulation, Simmonds Law will help defend your rights. 

The Canada Revenue Agency is a government arm that is more interested in administering tax regulations than penalizing people. At Simmonds Law, we understand this and approach tax litigation in a constructive manner while professionally and steadfastly defending you and/or your organization against federal and provincial tax charges, including:

  • Tax Evasion
  • Failure to Respond to a Demand or Provide Information
  • Failure to File Returns
  • Failure to Remit Required Amounts
  • Getting tax interest and penalties cancelled or reduced
  • Getting assessed or reassessed taxes eliminated or reduced
  • Having bank accounts that have been frozen for tax reasons unfrozen
  • Getting tax liens on homes or businesses lifted
  • Having money or goods seized for tax reasons returned to you
  • Avoiding tax offence charges or successfully defending against them if they are brought

The CRA is not your enemy, but they will do what they have to do to uphold the rules and regulations of the tax code in Canada. This can include potentially intrusive measures like search warrants and demands for information. Simmonds Law works with government agencies to ensure a diplomatic and fair outcome for our clients.