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Business Law


Running a business is tough

Not only do you have to tackle operational and financial risks, you also have to avoid committing mistakes, which can dictate the success or failure of your business.

Imagine working on your own.

Drafting or reviewing contracts, filing paperwork, or fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Or incorporating a business, charity, or non for profit organization.

You could misinterpret the legalese.

You could miss the nuances in legal documents.

You could make business decisions that you will later regret.

You need a trusted advisor to spot legal issues before they ruin your business and reputation.

Simmonds Law provides small businesses with outside general counsel advice.

This is an excellent option for enterprises that are too small to afford in-house counsel but require occasional legal advice.

An experienced small business lawyer can help you avoid legal problems

Let’s face it, sometimes disputes are unavoidable.

You may need to:

Collect outstanding debts
Collect outstanding debts
Resolve lease disagreements
Resolve lease disagreements
Handle employment disputes
Handle employment disputes
Defend regulatory offences
Defend regulatory offences
Negotiate with creditors
Negotiate with creditors
Enforce contracts
Enforce contracts
Your time is best spent operating your business.
Not fighting legal battles.
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Interested in learning more about our legal services?

Whether you need general counsel advice or your small business is currently involved in a business dispute, fill out this contact form to find out more about your legal options.

Simmonds Law represents businesses before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, various boards, tribunals, and commissions including:

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
Landlord and Tenant Board
Employment Insurance appeals before the Social Security Tribunal
Licence Appeal Tribunal

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