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Mischief applies to situations where someone destroys or damages another person’s property.  That said, the definition also includes obstructing, interrupting, and interfering with someone else’s lawful use, enjoyment, or operation of property.

In Ottawa, this offence is reported to police over 4,400 times a year. As a result, it is one of the most common offences.

Sentences for mischief vary from an absolute discharge, which is the lowest-level adult sentence available to offenders to a life sentence when the mischief causes actual danger to life.  

Arson, like mischief, requires the offender to cause damage to another person’s property.  The key difference between arson and mischief is that arson involves damage to property caused by fire or explosion.

Mischief and arson convictions can negatively affect your ability to find a job, travel to the U.S. or overseas, and obtain Canadian citizenship or permanent residence status.  If you have been charged with these offences contact us at (613) 854-1525 for a free consultation.


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